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Current Indicators
Consumer Price Index Monthly Inflation Rate (%)1.4
(June 2020)
Consumer Price Index Calendar Year Inflation Rate (%)1.7
(Jan 2020-Mar 2020)
Consumer Price Index Fiscal Year Inflation Rate (%)1.4
(Apr 2020-Jun 2020)
Consumer Price Index105.2
(June 2020)
Producer Price Index Mining & Quarrying136.5
(June 2020)
Producer Price Index Manufacturing194.2
(June 2020)
GDP Rate of Growth of Value Added at Constant (2007) Prices Seasonally Unadjusted (%)-2.3
( Jan - Mar Quarter 2020)
International Merchandise Trade Exports (US$000)78.4
(April 2020)
International Merchandise Trade Imports (US$000)351.2
(April 2020)
Labour Force Survey Youth Unemployment Rate (%)19.0
(January 2020)
Labour Force Survey Unemployment Rate (%)7.3
(January 2020)
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