Production Statistics Methodology
The Production Statistics Report provides information on the volume and value of a specially selected list of items of production.This information is compiled from data collected mainly from large establishments in the Agriculture, Mining and Manufacturing industries. Large establishments employ 50 or more persons. Data is also collected from one utility company, the Jamaica Public Service Company, which is mainly responsible for the production of electricity for Jamaica. Data on agricultural production are obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture as well as from the administrative records of agricultural commodity boards. Bauxite mining information is obtained from The Jamaica Bauxite Institute. All other information is compiled from data collected in the Quarterly Production Surveys undertaken by STATIN.

The sample for the quarterly production survey is drawn from STATIN’s Central Register of Establishments. All establishments employing 50 or more persons are included in the sample. A 20 per cent sample of establishments employing 10 – 49 persons makes up the rest of the sample, unless some product groups do not have an adequate number of establishments. In such a situation all establishments become a part of the sample. Establishments with less than 10 employees are not included in the sample. Data are collected on goods produced: unit of quantity; unit price; volume and value at ex-factory price. When completed questionnaires are received, they are scrutinized for accuracy and consistency. The data is then entered into worksheets where the quarterly estimates are calculated.Production data for a particular product is considered ‘not available’ if data is missing for two or more quarters. If only one quarter is missing, the fourth quarter is imputed by calculating the average for the three available quarters.This figure is designated with an asterisk in the publication report. If the data becomes available after the deadline for the publication of the report, the current figure is revised and included in the following year’s publication.