STATIN has the reputation for being one of the leading agencies in the provision of statistical data in the Caribbean.

In order for this position to be maintained the support and assistance of the entire population, the productive sector - public and private, formal and informal, are needed in the provision of accurate data on a timely basis.

The partnership will be beneficial to you as the provider, you will have a share in the final results and we will work with you to facilitate the data provision process.

To our data users, we are asking for your advice on the usefulness and relevance of the information being provided and what additional information you may require as we seek to serve you better.


Subsequent data from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica on national accounts will reflect revisions to the Jamaican system of national accounts.

These include:
  • Implementation of the United Nations 1993 System of National Accounts
  • Revision of the national accounts classification of industries
  • Revisions due to new and revised data
  • Change in the base year for the constant price estimate