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The Geographic Services Unit (GSU), of the Field Services Division, carries the responsibility for creating and maintaining a hierarchy of statistical divisions (Enumeration Districts and Special Areas). The Unit is also responsible for census and survey mapping and the production of maps, graphs and charts to illustrate the published results through the use of GIS. The GSU is part of the wider community of users and producers of land information in Jamaica and as such is a member of the Land Information Council of Jamaica (LICJ). Additionally, the responsibility for the provision of advice on diverse geographic issues to public and private sector entities, particularly as it relates to the norms, criteria and the supporting justification for the demarcation of Enumeration Districts (EDs) and Special Areas across the island is assigned to the unit. The products and services offered by the GSU include :
Available Map Products:
  • Enumeration District Maps & Descriptions

  • Enumeration District Shape files (1991, 2001 and 2011)
  • Special Area Shapefiles (1991, 2001, 2011)
  • Parish Shapefiles (1991, 2001, 2011)
  • Parish shapefiles with census data                                          
  • Special Area Shapefiles with census data

  • Parish and Special Areas Mylars                                   

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Available Services:
  • Joining of census data to EDs and Special Areas

  • Query aspects of Census data by Parish, Constituency and EDs

  • Extract census data by ED relevant to projects

  • reate boundaries for Special Projects using ED's
  • Create and provide KML files and maps with census data

  • Hotspot Analysis

  • Regression Analysis
Jamaica EDs 2011 Jamaica population density 2011 Jamaica distribution 2011
Jamaica population change 2001 - 2011 Jamaica population pyramid 2001 Jamaica population pyramid 2011

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1991 Enumeration Districts



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