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Use of Irrigation by Method: 2007
Method of Irrigation Number Per cent
Total holders reporting method 12,383 100
Drip/Trickle 1,099 8.9
Sprinkler 3,205 25.9
Flooding 734 5.9
Furrows 553 4.5
Other 6,792 54.8
The 2007 census of agriculture included a question on the use of irrigation in the calendar year preceding the census and the methods used. The instruction manual for interviewers defined irrigation as “purposely providing land with water, other than rain, for improving pastures or crop production”. The instructions further explained that “irrigation usually implies the existence of infrastructure and equipment for applying water to crops, such as irrigation canals, pumps, sprinklers or localized watering systems. However it also includes manual watering of plants using buckets, watering cans or other devices.” Uncontrolled land flooding by overflowing of rivers or streams was not to be considered irrigation.
Last Updated: July 18, 2014
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