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What is a Population Census? Why is a Population Census being taken?
A modern population census is the process of gathering, putting together and publishing information on the people who live in a particular country, or any specific area. The information tells you how many people live there, their level of education, whether or not they go to school or to work, and other information that tells you about the characteristics of the population.

How is the Population Census 2011 Being taken?  

Steps in Planning for a Population and Housing Census
  • Plans are made, outlining what information is to be collected, how it is to be recorded, and how the findings are to be presented.
  • Information is collected from the population. Five thousand (5,000) trained interviewers will visit everybuilding and every household in Jamaica to interview household members and record the required information.
  • After all the questionnaires are completed, they must be checked to make sure all the information is there.
  • The final step is the production Of the tabulations (tables and lists), From which the census Reports are prepared.
Since the last population census taken in 2001, the population has changed. The population has grown in some areas, and decreased in others. People have moved from where they used to live, changes have taken place in the educational system, and so on. The Population Census of 2011 will provide the information needed to assess these changes, as well as providing a base for the development of plans to improve the economic and social condition/status of the population. For example, a rapid growing population may require a number of additional services such as schools, water supplies, hospitals, and clinics and factories. Information provided by 2011 Population Census about the growth and movement of popluation will assist agencies that have responsibilities for planning for the provision of these services in determining size, location and other characteristics needed for decision making.  

Businessmen and industrialists will also able to use the results of the census to assist them in organising their sales programmes, identify suitable locations for retail outlets and factories sites, so that they can operate their businesses more profitable and serve the communities better.

"Please cooperate with your census taker."

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