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Census Day is Monday April 4, 2011

Census taking begins on Tuesday, April 5 2011. On this day census takers will go into the field. It will take approximately three months to have everybody counted.

Census takers play an extremely important role in the census operations. They make every effort to obtain complete and exact answers to questions and record these accurately according to their instructions. It is very important that everybody cooperates fully with the census takers, as having the correct information will facilitate better planning for the nation.

What to do when the census taker comes to your home?


  • ask the census taker to present his/her Identification card.
  • be kind and courteous to the census taker .
  • cooperate with the census taker and answer truthfully all the questions you are asked.


The information you provide is confidential and can only be used for the purposes for which it was intended. It cannot be released to anyone without prior written consent. There are penalties under the Law for breaches of confidentiality.


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