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What is a Population and Housing Census?

It may be defined as the process of gathering, compiling and publishing information on the people and housing units of a country or a specific area. It tells us the number of people, their age and sex, where they live, their level of education, whether or not they attend school, work or not and other such characteristics. It also gives specific details of the type of structure of the housing units, materials used in construction, availability of kitchen and bathroom facilities, amongst other things.

Why Census 2011?

The last population census was taken in 2001 and since then the population has changed; persons have moved from one place to another, changes have taken place in the educational system etc. A rapidly growing population may require a number of additional services such as schools, water supplies, hospitals,

Who will be counted?

All persons, who are usual residence of the household will be counted. All visitors, foreign diplomatic personnel located in Jamaica and Jamaican diplomatic personnel located overseas are excluded.

What is  a household?

A household consists of one person who lives alone or a group of persons who as a unit jointly occupies the whole or part of a dwelling, have common arrangement for house keeping and who generally share at least one meal. The household may be composed of related persons only, of  unrelated persons or of a combination of both.

Which agency or department is responsible for conducting the Population and Housing Census?

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) has responsibility for conducting all censuses in Jamaica.

When was the first Population Census done?

The first Population Census was taken in 1844.

How often is a Population and Housing Census taken in Jamaica?

A Population and Housing Census is taken every 10 years in Jamaica

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