May Pen Communities and Population


May Pen is the largest town in the parish of Clarendon, in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica. The town is located on the Rio Minho, and is a major market centre. Its geographical coordinates are 17° 58' 0" North and 77° 14' 0" West. Temperatures in the town range from 19.35 and 31.45 degrees Celsius, and rainfall monthly averages vary between 276 and 1515 mm.

In 2001, May Pen comprised sixteen (16) communities with a total population of 59,550. Much of this population was concentrated in the south eastern section of the town, in the communities of Palmers Cross and Mineral Heights, and in Four Paths due west. These communities combined accounted for approximately 33% of the town’s overall total. Also exhibiting high population amounts were the communities of Trenton/Hazard, Seven Roads/Farm Pen and Bushy Park. These communities aggregated, contributed 23% to the town’s total.