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Publications from previous years are available on request.
SingleSubscriptionBookIdPeriodNameBookNameCost Per Unit $JCost Per CD $JAnnual Rate $J
1Annual*Consumer Price Indices 2012, Annual Review700.00700.00700.00
2Annual*Demographic Statistics 2012550.00550.00550.00
3Annual*Employment & Earnings 2012500.00500.00500.00
4Annual*Labour Force Statistics 2012550.00550.00550.00
5Annual*National Income & Product 20111100.001100.001100.00
6Annual*Producers Price Index 2012, Annual Review800.00800.00800.00
7Monthly*Producers Price Index Bulletin 2013200.000.002400.00
8Monthly*Consumer Price Indices Bulletin 2013120.000.001440.00
9Monthly*External Trade Bulletin 2013120.000.001440.00
10Quarterly*Quarterly Gross Domestic Product 2013450.00450.001800.00
11Ad Hoc ReportsSurvey of Living Conditions 20102500.002500.000.00
12Ad Hoc ReportsEnvironment Statistics 2005 & Water1400.001400.000.00
13Ad Hoc ReportsJamaica's Environment in Your Pocket 2012300.00300.000.00
14Ad Hoc ReportsJamaica Industrial Classification System 20052500.002500.000.00
15Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation Projections Jamaica 2000-2050420.000.000.00
16Ad Hoc ReportsStudents' Handbook Geography 500.000.000.00
17Ad Hoc ReportsStudents' Handbook Sociology500.000.000.00
18Ad Hoc ReportsStudents' Handbook Economics 500.000.000.00
19Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation and Housing Census 2011 Jamaica: General Report Vol.11650.001650.001650.00
20Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation and Housing Census 2011 Jamaica: Age and Sex Vol.2 (Available only on CD)2200.002200.000.00
21Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation Census 2001: Country Report Vol.11550.000.000.00
22Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation Census 2001:Age and Sex Vol.21950.000.000.00
23Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation Census 2001:Education Part A Vol.31300.000.000.00
24Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation Census 2001:Education & Training Part B 900.000.000.00
25Ad Hoc ReportsPopulation Census 2001:Part A, Housing Vol.4900.000.000.00
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